Hard Landscaping

So what is meant by the term Hard Landscaping?

To the average homeowner hard landscaping may not mean a lot, but to landscape gardeners, tree surgeons this simple term covers many aspects of what can be achieved in outdoor spaces. Using various materials hard landscaping techniques are used to change the design and appearance of the outdoors, which results in visual benefits, in addition to financial benefits.

Examples of Hard Landscaping

The term covers a multitude of ‘structures’ which can be created in the garden. The following are a few examples:

Patios – A hardwearing floored area which usually leads to, or is attached to your property. A variety of materials can be used, from natural stone, concrete pavers to poured concrete.

Raised vegetable/flower beds – An area defined by stone or wood, purposely built to grow flowers, vegetables and fruit. As the area is raised it will improve drainage to your plants, and allow you to introduce a new soil to your garden.

Garden walls – Whether you are building a decorative garden wall, a retaining wall, or a wall to define a specific area/boundary, incorporating stone walls can really change the dynamics of your outdoor space.

Rock or water features – Often used as the gardens centre piece, water features provide a calming and tranquil atmosphere, perfect to aid relaxation in your outdoor space.

Pergolas – A fixed structure which will provide a shaded area in your garden, ideal for relaxation, seating or simply a focal point adorned in climbing plants.

Driveways – From concrete to tarmac a professionally laid driveway will provide functional as well as visual benefits. Driveways should be hardwearing, suitable for vehicles and low maintenance for the homeowner.

Benefits of Hard Landscaping

If you are wondering how hard landscaping would benefit you and your garden, consider the following with hard landscaping monmouth:
With the right design and ‘feature’, hard landscaping allows you to completely change the overall look and feel of your garden. From incorporating patio areas, walls, to flower beds and driveways your outdoor space can be transformed to provide you with additional living space that the entire family can enjoy.

From a financial perspective you may have heard of the term “curb appeal”. This is a phrase used when selling properties; this is the time when potential buyers may be swayed depending on the appearance and functionality of your garden. A well-kept and useable garden will also add value to your property should you wish to sell.

If you are interested in finding out more about hard landscaping, what it covers, and the benefits you can expect contact Evolution Trees. Offering a high quality landscaping service, with experience in patio construction, disabled access, log retaining structures and driveways (to name a few), the design of your garden can be completely transformed.