Hard Landscaping – Patio Construction

When considering a patio it is important that you think about its purpose and what you expect to gain from it. A patio should be low maintenance, durable, yet attractive and functional. There are many materials to consider when incorporating a patio, including:

Concrete – Hard wearing, and easy to include design work, a concrete patio can be adapted to any style, poured into any shape, and is highly durable and low maintenance.

Flagstones – Providing a very natural appearance, in a variety of earthy colours which can be best suited to your garden and surroundings. Still offering durability, flagstones are naturally slip resistant and hardwearing.

Pavers – Available in a variety of colours and shapes allowing patterns to be incorporated into the design.

Brick – Many homeowners will opt for brick patios, which can really add character to a patio especially if exposed brickwork has been used on the property exterior. A durable material, offering an authentic look, with the added benefit that it retains its natural colour well.

Tiles – Usually made of clay, the variations of patio tiles are endless. If you are considering tiles for your patio speak to a professional who can advise on the best type to suit your requirements.
So once your patio has been installed by hard landscaping forest of dean you can expect to reap the benefits. Immediately the appearance of the garden will be transformed, and you can further add to this by including garden furniture, water features, potted plants and trees.

A patio area offers additional living space, somewhere to unwind and relax in the summer months, to entertain family and friends or simply to be used as an outdoor play area for the children. A patio can also be enjoyed in the colder, winter months, still providing a tranquil space to enjoy. Perhaps you could even invest in a patio heater?


Deciding to install a driveway also needs careful thought and, like a patio you need to consider its purpose before making an informed decision about the best material to use. The most common materials are:

Concrete – This is the most popular choice for residential driveways. With its strength and durability it is an ideal surface for parking vehicles, it can be adapted to suit any design features that you may want, and is also low maintenance.

Paver – Available in a variety of shapes and colours pavers lend themselves perfectly if you have a design that you want to reflect on your driveway. Pavers are durable, and rarely crack because of the flexibility between the joints that each paver provides. Repairs are easier as specific areas can be replaced as opposed to redoing the entire area.

Gravel – Gravel offers a natural looking finish to your drive. However, it is important to remember that a gravel driveway may require a level of maintenance. Often if not laid correctly the gravel can sink, it can be washed out of place by rainwater and you may also find the odd weed appears.

Asphalt – Tarmac drives are ideal for residential properties offering a durable surface for vehicles to be parked on. Although maintenance is minimal it is advisable for asphalt drives to be sealed every 3 to 5 years. This is one of the cheapest options available.

Driveways should not be considered as just an area to park a vehicle. Whilst this is their primary use, you can also use your driveway to improve the appearance of your property; you can add flower borders and potted shrubs etc. A useable driveway can also add value to your property, as these days with space at a premium; people are keen to be able to park their vehicles on their own property rather than on the roadside.

At Evolution Trees we can design and lay a driveway or patio that best suits your needs. With a wealth of experience in both forms of hard landscaping, using a variety of materials, contact us for further information and guidance, thus enabling you to make the right choice.